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We created the Pink jobs site to list LGBT friendly job roles from pro-equality partners, in turn we hope we are helping friendly individuals browse these opportunities from one portal.

Our job board is full of dynamic and varied roles, both full-time and part-time positions, from a variety of employers. Many of the large service companies have faculties that focus on LGBT areas, and prefer to offer roles within these areas to understanding individuals, often listing as one of the applicants requirements to be ‘gay friendly’, with the word gay being used synonymously with LGBT.

Both vacancies and job-seekers should (ethically and legally) be gay friendly, but unfortunately there are some that aren’t, and so with the help of this website, recruiters (employers), and those looking for a job, can find the jobs and candidates that are.

Many other recruitment boards like have similar listings, and if you are just browsing for general jobs then these sites will probably help you find one quicker, but we do want, and believe this site can help some individuals and companies get a great candidate in a great role. Why not let us know if we’ve helped you at all, we would love some testimonials.

We should note that non-LGBT individuals are targeted with this site as-well, and the ‘LGBT friendly’ term includes non-LGBT individuals.

If you would like to see a list of gay friendly employers, you can visit ‘gay friendly employers‘ for a list compiled by the charity Stonewall. It includes some big names including Barclays, the NHS, IBM, and top accounting firm Ernst & Young.

If you would like to contact us then you can do so on

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