Sarah Vojta

Creative Graphic Designer

Sarah Vojta


My name is Sarah Vojta and I am a current junior at Bentley University from Morris Plains, New Jersey. I am majoring in Marketing, pursuing a Liberal Studies Major in Health and Industry, and minoring in Management. I am passionate about helping others and challenging myself in and out of the classroom.

On campus I am a resident assistant in the first year area, specifically working with Thrive, a Defined Community focused on health and wellness initiatives. I am also a member of the Student Advisory Board associated with Bentley’s Residential Center, providing insight for future projects that impact the residential experience. This will also be my first year working as a First Year Seminar Peer Facilitator, guiding new students through their transition to Bentley.

Some of my past work experience includes interning for VRR Media Productions, being an editor for their two sister shows Stop My Crisis and Beyond My Crisis. I then worked my way up to head editor where I was responsible for a small team ensuring consistency in content and quality of the episodes we produced. During the summer after my freshman year, I was an Assistant Swim Coach for a local pool association in New Jersey and started my own swim lessons program. I have a passion for personal development, assisting others to become more confident in their skills and abilities.