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Consulting is a big, one-size-fits-all term that includes virtually any form of advice-giving. Many people think first of management consulting, also called strategy consulting, which specializes in providing advice about strategic and core operational issues – but there are many other types of consulting, including marketing consulting, technology consulting, human resources consulting, just to name a few. Through professionals in the field and in collaboration with the Bentley Consulting Group, the Consulting Career Community will expose students to the consulting industry, relevant career paths, required competencies, and the all-important case interview technique.

How to Beat the Busyness at Work and School

We all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed at school and at work. And when we feel too stressed, it can negatively affect our health, relationships, mood, and performance. Learning time management skills is crucial to ensure you can complete all your work before deadlines and still have personal time for yourself. These strategies offer a variety of ideas to help you better organize and manage your work!

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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12 Email Sign-Offs for Your Next Professional Email

You’ve crafted the perfect email to a client, colleague, or manager. Now all you need to do is choose the right sign-off that matches the mood of the email and makes sense in the scenario. Here’s 12 great sign-offs to try if you’re tired of using “Best” or “Sincerely” to end every email!

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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7 Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Teammates

When life gets busy and hectic, we often forget to take a pause and appreciate the people in our lives. Sometimes a simple token of gratitude can really turn someone’s day around. Here are a few easy ways to show your gratitude to your teammates and colleagues.

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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How to Give Better Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is incredibly important for professional and personal growth. It also helps ensure all team members are on the same page and can significantly improve project quality and outcomes. But giving good, actionable feedback often isn’t something we’re taught. Here’s some tips to help you provide better feedback the next time someone asks.

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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The University Career Center wants all students to be successful regardless of their financial circumstances. The closet will provide …

Marc Cosentino’s Case One Program

All Bentley undergraduate students have free access to Marc
Cosentino’s Case One Program! Marc is the author of “Case In

Case Interview Workshop

In the resources section of Handshake, you will find a video of an
excellent Case Interview workshop which includes both

This resource has some free/ some paid resources to learn about the recruitment process for management consulting. Articles on casing, …


PrepLounge is a case interview community where candidates with
similar career goals get connected, practice cases and sharpen their
consulting …


Website offering both free resources and paid coaching for management consulting recruitment prep.

Free content includes case video walkthroughs, app …


Both Paid & Free resources for management consulting recruitment prep.

Good free content includes resume/cover letter writing, Case interview most …

Site with free and paid resources for case interviewing

Careers in Consulting Guide

LinkedIn Learning Classes

Find Your Passion: How Padma Lakshmi Found Hers

Taught by genConnectU
Throughout Padma Lakshmi’s impressive career, she has assumed a range of roles, including model, author, and executive producer of an…

Running a Webinar or Event on Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook

Taught by Richard Harrington
Running a webinar can be stressful enough without worrying about the technological aspects in addition to the actual content. In…

Business Analysis for Busy Professionals

Taught by Christina Charenkova
A baseline of business analysis techniques and steps is a valuable asset in any industry, organization, department and context. This…

Startup Stories: Famous iPhone Photo Leads to Online Courses

Taught by Chris Guillebeau
You probably have a camera in your pocket right now, or perhaps on your desk or mounted in your car.…

Getting Started as a LinkedIn Learning Hub Admin

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
It’s never been easier to access high-quality training on a wide variety of topics, so your biggest dilemma when it…

Advice for Leaders during a Crisis

Taught by Madecraft
Moments of crisis change the way we work, live, and lead. The way you respond to uncertainty has a direct…

E! Co-Founder Alan Mruvka (Thirty Minute Mentors)

Taught by Adam Mendler | Thirty Minute Mentors
Alan Mruvka is the co-founder of E!, the fastest-growing cable network start-up in television history. From his early influences in…

Project Manager Burnout: Recognizing, Disrupting, and Reversing

Taught by Ruth Pearce
As more and more people reevaluate their life balance (often misleadingly referred to as work-life balance), the issue of burnout…

Lessons from the World of Sports Analytics

Taught by Ben Sullins
If you’re a sports fan and a data geek at heart, you may have thought about your dream career. You…

Collaborating with Microsoft 365

Taught by Courtney Hodge
Collaboration has become one of the most valuable skills a worker can have, and a digital proficiency with various collaboration…

Solving Relationship Problems at Work

Taught by Todd Dewett
In this course, author, keynote speaker, and coach Dr. Todd Dewett teaches you to understand relationship issues at work in…

How to Think Strategically

Taught by Daniel Shapero
What is strategy, and how can you employ it more effectively in your daily life? In this course, LinkedIn’s own…

Lead with Positive Power

Taught by Heather Younger
Staying attuned to the ever-evolving needs of your team members is never an easy task. But if you meet people…

How to Get (and Stay) On Top of Your Inbox

Taught by Madecraft
When it comes to your inbox, it’s easy to start the day feeling overwhelmed. So many emails, so many contacts—you…

Business Etiquette for the Modern Workplace

Taught by Madecraft
In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven workplace, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to best conduct yourself in unique or…

Getting Organized for Peak Performance

Taught by Madecraft
You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: “Time is money.” But how can you capture all of that revenue when…

The Sweet Spot: How to Accomplish More by Doing Less

Taught by Christine Carter
We’ve all experienced living and working in “the zone”—that sweet spot where you have the greatest strength and the greatest…

Working and Collaborating Online

Taught by Garrick Chow
Whether you want to land a new job, stay in touch with loved ones, or even just research an interesting…

Marketing Analytics: Setting and Measuring KPIs

Taught by Michael Taylor
Want to make more data-driven decisions? Learn how to set and track key performance indicators (KPIs) using Google Analytics. In…

UX Research: International Projects

Taught by Cory Lebson
Do you ever feel like there’s a disconnect between your products and the rest of the world? While it’s certainly…

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