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Technology continues to drive the strategy of all businesses and the Technology Career Community is for students interested in working in a functional technology role in any industry as well as students interested in tech companies. Technology roles may include programming, systems architecture, database development/analysis, IT leadership programs, tech consulting, app development, and business or systems analyst, just to name a few. These tech roles will be introduced from many diverse industries and from start up to legacy companies. The technology industry will also be explored through this community.

How to Prepare for Career Fair

With the Career Fair happening tomorrow (or today if you are an Economics or Finance major), it would only be fitting to provide some tips to nail any Career Fair. It can be intimidating for many people to interact with potential employers, but following these tips can make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable and result in you soaring for success by the end of the day! So before you set foot in the Career Fair, here are some …

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié
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How to Balance an Internship with College Classes

For many college students, there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish tasks like academics and extracurriculars. So, the thought of having an internship in the middle of a school semester can seem like a daunting addition to a hectic schedule. However, an internship in the fall or spring is a great way to develop a productive school-workplace balance and another great inclusion to your resume! But if you still need to decide whether to go for it, here …

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié
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16 Things You Might Not Know About LinkedIn Learning

Did you know that you get free access to LinkedIn Learning through Bentley? LinkedIn Learning offers informative videos, courses, learning paths, certificates, and other resources across multiple disciplines, not just business! Classes also have different levels and completion times, so you can find the right course for you. Access LinkedIn Learning from or from your LinkedIn profile.

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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Cyber Security Career Options

Students interested in technology and cyber security have a wide range of potential job opportunities, including Information Security Analyst, Computer Forensics, Cryptography, Secuirty Engineer, and more. Cyber Security Degrees created a great Cyber Security Career Guide that covers everything from an overview of the field, degree requirements, descriptions of different career paths, top locations, top employers, and more. Access the section on career paths here, or view the full guide here.

By Kristin Helm
Kristin Helm Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Center
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Career Resources

LinkedIn Learning Classes

Machine Learning with Python: k-Means Clustering

Taught by Frederick Nwanganga
Clustering—an unsupervised machine learning approach used to group data based on similarity—is used for work in network analysis, market segmentation,…

Focus on the Now: Why Only This Moment Matters

Taught by Knowable
University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban—the winningest coach in college football history—credits his unrivaled success to a simple…

Including Sustainability in Your Cloud Strategy

Taught by Fawad Qureshi
Learn about the fundamental design principles you need to understand, to make sustainability the cornerstone of your cloud solution architecture.…

Microsoft Azure: Design and Deploy ARM Templates

Taught by Gary Grudzinskas
Are you looking to upskill as an infrastructure-as-code professional working in Microsoft Azure? This course is designed to teach mid-career…

Advanced Docker Automation with AWS CDK

Taught by Carlos Rivas
If you’re looking for a way to level up your AWS skills, instructor Carlos Rivas is here to show you…

Learning Power Automate Desktop for Developers

Taught by Anders Jensen
Do you need to transition your development to Power Automate Desktop? In this course, RPA teacher and Power Automate specialist…

Exam Tips: AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Taught by Carlos Rivas
Get prepared for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam. This course covers exam objectives, the goals of the exam…

Improving Emotional Intelligence with Mindfulness

Taught by Chill Anywhere
Emotional Intelligence is an area of growth for anyone, regardless of their stage in life. Building a capacity to recognize,…

Windows 10: Supporting Users Essential Training

Taught by Brien Posey
A newer OS may have already debuted, but Windows 10 is not a relic of the past. Until Windows 11…

Migrating COBOL Apps

Taught by Malcolm Shore
Despite the arrival of myriad new and modern languages, COBOL still rules many government and legacy computing systems. Many of…

SQL vs. NoSQL: Which Database Type Is Right for You?

Taught by David Jones-Gilardi
Even though relational databases are still the first choice for many developers and enterprises, NoSQL databases have become uniquely important…

Data Science and Analytics Career Paths and Certifications: First Steps

Taught by Jungwoo Ryoo
The career opportunities in data science, big data, and data analytics are growing dramatically. If you’re interested in changing career…

Essential Jigsaw for PHP and Laravel Developers

Taught by Zuzana Kunckova
You may know that Jigsaw is a framework used to rapidly build static sites, but did you know that it’s…

Cloud Computing: Business Requirements and Digital Transformation

Taught by Tom Makau
Understanding the purposes and benefits of cloud services is critical to the success of your organization’s overall cloud plan. In…

The Headspace Guide to Mindful Workdays

Taught by Headspace
Have a better workday every day by making mindfulness a part of your routine. This course from Headspace offers a…

Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900) Cert Prep: 2 Working with Relational Data on Azure

Taught by Adam Wilbert
Understanding and working with relational data is a key skill for anybody working with their organization’s data platform. Relational data…

Migrating ASP.NET Core Web Applications to Azure

Taught by Christian Wenz
Do you need to move your apps from ASP.NET to Azure? In this course, web pioneer, technology specialist, and entrepreneur…

CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101) Cert Prep: 1 The Basics

Taught by Mike Meyers
CompTIA A+ is one of the world’s leading vendor-neutral certifications—with more than one million certified IT professionals to date. Get…

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional (SAP-C02) Cert Prep: 3 Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions

Taught by Noah Gift
Ready for the next step of your study plan to get prepped for official certification? Earning your AWS Certified Solutions…

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Taught by Jerod Brennen
Building security testing into the software development lifecycle is the best way to protect your app and your end users.…

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