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Technology continues to drive the strategy of all businesses and the Technology Career Community is for students interested in working in a functional technology role in any industry as well as students interested in tech companies. Technology roles may include programming, systems architecture, database development/analysis, IT leadership programs, tech consulting, app development, and business or systems analyst, just to name a few. These tech roles will be introduced from many diverse industries and from start up to legacy companies. The technology industry will also be explored through this community.

Milliman Opportunity Scholarship: Now open for application

Apply HERE for this great scholarship opportunity.  Deadline to apply is: April 29, 2022

By Melissa J. Sawyer
Melissa J. Sawyer Senior Associate Director/Operations Manager, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center
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DE&I Company Spotlight – Wellington Management

Each week we will feature a company and what actions they are or have taken in the DE & I space.  Our intention is to share the good work corporate partners are demonstrating within their corporate space and culture.

The week’s company is Wellington Management.

By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center
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Computer Information Systems: Best Tech Jobs in 2022

Interested in the growing industry of tech, but not sure where your skillset meets industry demand? Check out this list of the best technology jobs for 2022. U.S. News & World Report uses the following indicators to rank best jobs including upward mobility/future job prospects, stress level, flexibility, median salary, unemployment rates, 10-year growth percentage, work/life balance. Of this list of top jobs, Computer Information Systems majors at Bentley gain skills that translate well to #1 Information Security Analyst, #4 …

By Neena Fink
Neena Fink Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Center
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Women in the Workplace

Happy International Women’s Day! This week, we’re sharing some important statistics regarding women in the corporate world. Female representation in the workplace has increased dramatically in the last few decades. However, women still face various microaggressions and barriers that prevent them from reaching their fullest potential.

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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Career Resources



The University Career Center wants all students to be successful regardless of their financial circumstances. The closet will provide …

Vault Guide to Case Interviews, Ninth Edition

Case interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process in the consulting industry. Designed to test an applicant’s knowledge …


VentureFizz helps you discover the best jobs and companies in the tech industry.

VentureFizz is the leading authority for jobs …

LinkedIn Learning Classes

Cert Prep: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100)

Taught by Julie Yack
Power Platform allows citizen developers to solve business problems with small, targeted apps and automation. This course demonstrates how to…

SQL Practice: Intermediate Queries

Taught by Scott Simpson
Looking to boost your skills writing queries in SQL? This course was made for you. Join senior LinkedIn Learning staff…

C# Practice: Attributes

Taught by Walt Ritscher
Looking to get up to speed with attributes in C#? This course was made for you. Join senior LinkedIn Learning…

Building Intelligent Chatbots on AWS

Taught by Bear Cahill
Voice control and interaction is becoming more common—and more expected from our apps. Amazon Lex provides speech recognition and natural…

Extend Web Application Functionality on Microsoft Azure

Taught by Rodrigo Díaz Concha
If you’re a cloud developer, you’re probably already responsible for building web applications that run in Microsoft Azure. In this…

Advanced C#: Object-Oriented Programming

Taught by Joe Marini
There’s an old saying that goes “in .NET, everything is an object,” and if that’s the case, then knowing how…

iOS 17: iPhone and iPad Essential Training

Taught by Garrick Chow
LinkedIn Learning Senior Staff Instructor Garrick Chow shows Apple mobile device users everything they need to know about iOS 17,…

Learning Azure Durable Functions

Taught by Adrienne Braganza Tacke
If you’re already familiar with Azure Functions, you may be curious to learn more about Durable Functions. As an extension…

Practice Exam 3 for ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC)

Taught by Total Seminars
This practice exam is intended to help you prepare for the ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) certification exam. After you…

Practice Exam 1 for CompTIA Network+ (N10-008)

Taught by Total Seminars
This practice exam is intended to help you prepare for the CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) certification exam. After you launch the…

Practice Exam 1 for CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601)

Taught by Total Seminars
This practice exam is intended to help you prepare for the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) certification exam. After you launch the…

Practice Exam 3 for AWS Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02)

Taught by Total Seminars
This practice exam is intended to help you prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) certification exam. After you launch…

Building and Maintaining Your UX Design Portfolio

Taught by Diane Cronenwett
Creating and maintaining a compelling UX design portfolio is never an easy, straightforward task. What should you include? How can…

Learning Combine with Swift

Taught by Doron Katz
Combine is a monumental paradigm shift in the Apple programming mindset. Combine provides Swift developers with a declarative functional approach…

How to Own a Room

Taught by Madecraft
In the long run, commanding a room means making lasting connections and furthering yourself and your business. In this course,…

Building an Ethereum Blockchain App: 4 Ethereum Development Tools

Taught by Michael Solomon
Have you wondered how blockchain can help you create applications that offer greater transparency, traceability, efficiency, and resilience while lowering…

Linux: Network Configuration

Taught by Scott Simpson
Networking is a fundamental service on a Linux system. Though Linux is widespread, there are many methods of configuring network…

Asynchronous Python: Boost Performance and Efficiency for Real-World Apps

Taught by Ronnie Sheer
If you were cooking a multicourse meal, would you prep one thing at a time? Put bread in the oven,…

TypeScript Essential Training

Taught by Jess Chadwick
TypeScript lets you write JavaScript the same way you always do. That’s because TypeScript compiles to plain JavaScript and works…

Digital Accessibility for the Modern Workplace (with Audio Descriptions)

Taught by Hector Minto
The move towards a more digital workplace affects everyone, from newly remote employees to frontline workers. With technology being such…

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