Let’s Talk CDI 201 and CDI 301

Happy Course Registration Week! While deciding what classes to take during the week, have you registered for CDI 201 or 301? You may be skeptical that it’s necessary or want to avoid a heavy workload, but you might need to know what these courses offer. Let’s take a look at these courses and why you should add them to your registration:

CDI 201 is a sophomore-tailored course typically offered in the fall. Its content spans over four weeks. It centers around undecided majors and helps them find suitable career paths based on their skills, interests, and values. Using resources like StrengthsFinder, Strong Interest Inventory, and major decision assessments, CDI 201 leads students through career exploration and decision-making. Some topics discussed in this course include advanced StrengthsFinder-based assessment, Strong Interest Inventory assessment, major decision assessment, and customized career action planning.

Conversely, CDI 301 is a year-round asynchronous course for sophomores, juniors and seniors, with sections divided by major. There are nine different courses for CDI 301, including AC/ACS/MA/ISAC/CFA-AC focus, BA’s and Leading with your Liberal Studies Major (BA/LSM), CIS, Consulting, CI/IDDC/MC/MG/MK/PS, DA, EC-FI/BE/QE, and FI/CFA-FI. Consulting is available for all students regardless of their major, but you can only take one CDI 301 per semester. CDI 301 offers students career development toolkits to refine interviewing skills and cultivate workplace readiness competencies.

So, why take these courses? Well, for one, you won’t need to worry about grades, homework, or these courses appearing on your transcript. Secondly, these courses are like having career coaches 24/7, giving you tons of resources to up your career development. It’ll also help you differentiate yourself from other candidates and allow you to showcase your skills and what you can bring to the table. What are you waiting for? Register for CDI 201 or your major section of CDI 301!

CDI 201 Schedule:

Monday          Instructor                Section Number

8 a.m.             Jennifer Larson        CDI 201-1

9:30 a.m.        Jennifer Larson        CDI 201-2

2 p.m.             Jennifer Larson        CDI 201-3


8 a.m.             Jennifer Larson          CDI 201-5

9:30 a.m.        Jennifer Larson          CDI 201-6

12:30 p.m.      Jennifer Larson          CDI 201-8

3:35 p.m         Jennifer Larson          CDI 201-7


8 a.m.             Jennifer  Larson         CDI 201-9

9:30 a.m.        Jennifer Larson          CDI 201-10

11 a.m.           Jennifer Larson           CDI 201-11

12:30 p.m.      Jennifer Larson          CDI 201-12


8 a.m.             Jennifer Larson           CDI 201-4

9:30 a.m.        Kristine Vidic              CDI 201-13

9:30 a.m.        Alyssa Hammond        CDI 201-14

2 p.m.             Paul Stanish                CDI 201-15

Fall CDI 301’s sections:

CDI 301-1       AC/IST/CFA-AC focus          Melissa Sawyer

CDI 301-2       BA’s                                        Lisa Dinsmore

CDI 301-3       CI/IDCC/MK/MC/PS            Paul Stanish

CDI 301-4       CIS                                          Melissa Giunta

CDI 301-5       Consulting                              Lisa Dinsmore

CDI 301-6       ACS/DA/MA                          Melissa Sawyer

CDI 301-7       BE/EF/QE                              Lisa Dinsmore

CDI 301-8       FI/CFA-FI focus/FT               MaryEllen Ryan

CDI 301-9       MG & DEI                              Melissa Giunta

If you have any questions or have trouble registering for a particular section, contact Alyssa Hammond at ahammond@bentley.edu for assistance.

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié