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Real Estate

Real Estate is a critical driver of economic growth in the United States, and it offers a variety of exciting career paths that algin well with a range of business majors.  The Real Estate Career Community will expose students to the real estate industry, helpful resources, and relevant career paths, including acquisitions, asset management, brokerage, development and more.

How To End Your In-Person Interview

You want to end your interview on a high note, but sometimes figuring out the best way to gracefully conclude is challening. Here’s a few steps to take to ensure you nail the end of your interview and set yourself up for future success.

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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Summer Side Hustles if You Don’t Have an Internship

There is an underlying misconception that college students must get an internship to spend a productive summer. While an internship at a company puts them at a headstart in their career, there are still many ways you can spend the summer without needing an internship. Not only are these side hustle activities productive and allow you to earn money and experience, but they are also bound to look good on your resumé. So, if you find yourself without anything to …

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié
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Tips to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is real, and it can make you doubt your skills and feel like you don’t deserve the opportunities, experiences, or responsibilities you’ve been given. Impostor syndrome can also make you feel like a fraud and prevent you from stepping outside of your comfort zone or trying something new. Here are a few techniques to help you deal with impostor syndrome so you can minimize self-doubt and feel more confident in everything you do!

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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The Benefits of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn needs no introduction for college students. But what exactly is LinkedIn Learning? LinkedIn Learning is the networking site’s online training platform, with over 6000 courses in numerous areas and topics. Accessing LinkedIn Learning is also relatively easy if you own a LinkedIn account. However, what makes LinkedIn Learning stand out with the plethora of online course sites booming today?


LinkedIn Learning is easy to use and navigate, being an easily accessible site on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The …

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié
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Career Resources

Break Into CRE

If you’re a college student or graduate student looking to break into the real estate industry, you’re switching careers into …

LinkedIn Learning Classes

Part-time Real Estate Investing

Not ready to give up the safety of your day job, but still interested in the extra cash and financial…

Real Estate: Estimating Repair Costs

In real estate investing, nothing can be worse than buying a property only to uncover unexpected costs. Before you sign…

AutoCAD: Construction Drawings

Shaun Bryant
AutoCAD is a world leader in computer-aided design (CAD), and users around the world employ this powerful software to communicate…

Real Estate: Developing a Growth Mindset

Does investing in real estate make you overly stressed? If you’re finding it difficult to make decisions—and often get stuck…

AutoCAD Facilities Management: Returning to the Workplace

Shaun Bryant
Returning to work after the pandemic presents a host of complex challenges. How do you stay safe on the job?…

Real Estate Analytics

In the world of real estate, one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the crowd is by…

Learning Construction Estimating

Christopher Randall
Detailed, accurate estimates are a critical part of construction, and professional estimators are in demand. Without estimates, construction managers can’t…

Real Estate: Negotiating with Sellers

In order to achieve success as a real estate investor, you must master the art of negotiation. This course was…

Construction Management: Safety and Health

Jim Rogers
Construction contractors are realizing that safety, productivity, and quality are inextricably linked and are moving to implement programs that go…

Facilities Management: Social Distancing and PPE

Shaun Bryant
COVID-19 has drastically altered the way we move through familiar spaces. As more people start returning to work and school,…

Construction Management: Modular Construction Methods

Jim Rogers
Modular construction is a collection of practices and techniques for constructing buildings offsite. These factories can build walls, rooms, or…

Rhino 7 Essential Training

Dave Schultze
Rhino is a popular and easy-to-use 3D modeling program. In this course, instructor Dave Schultze uses clear explanations and helpful…

SOLIDWORKS: Design Study and Optimization

Sam Sharkawi
Designing a part or component is just the first step. How will it stand up in the real world? You…

Fusion 360: Sketch Fundamentals

Aram Goganian
In this course, Aram Goganian introduces the fundamentals of sketching in Fusion 360. Aram begins with the tools you will…

Construction Management: Reading Civil Construction Drawings

Jim Rogers
Construction personnel of all types need to understand the role that civil construction drawings, or blueprints, play in the construction…

Facilities Management: Returning to the Workplace

Jim Rogers
In some areas of the world, the pandemic is starting to get under control and companies are contemplating a return…

Construction Industry: Safety

Jim Rogers
Safety is always a prime consideration in the construction industry—and digital workflows and safety go hand-in-hand. In this course, you…

Fusion 360 Modeling Techniques and Workflow

Aram Goganian
Fusion 360 is an essential tool for product design. In this course, designer Aram Goganian of Predator Cycling teaches viewers…

Construction Industry: Going Digital in the Field

Jim Rogers
The digital revolution has transformed how the construction industry handles drawings. Gone are piles of paper printouts; now professionals are…

Introduction to Bluebeam Revu 20

Jim Rogers
If you work in the architecture, engineering, and construction management (AEC) industry, then you know how hard it is to…

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