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Technology continues to drive the strategy of all businesses and the Technology Career Community is for students interested in working in a functional technology role in any industry as well as students interested in tech companies. Technology roles may include programming, systems architecture, database development/analysis, IT leadership programs, tech consulting, app development, and business or systems analyst, just to name a few. These tech roles will be introduced from many diverse industries and from start up to legacy companies. The technology industry will also be explored through this community.

Congratulations to Ledion Hoti (‘26 FinTech) for Being #Hired!

Help us congratulate Ledion for being hired as a Financial Analyst by Santander Bank US!

By Ridge Marel Gonzales
Ridge Marel Gonzales
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How to Beat the Busyness at Work and School

We all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed at school and at work. And when we feel too stressed, it can negatively affect our health, relationships, mood, and performance. Learning time management skills is crucial to ensure you can complete all your work before deadlines and still have personal time for yourself. These strategies offer a variety of ideas to help you better organize and manage your work!

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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Calling All First-Year Students! Apply for the SEO Tech Developer Program!

Attention, first-year students! Are you in a technology-based major or considering pursuing one? Or do you want a technology-based internship at a top company or industry? SEO’s Tech Developer Program has got your back! The Tech Developer Program is a 16-week virtual intensive program that allows first-year students pursuing a degree in cybersecurity, computer software/science, or other related majors to access comprehensive training and mentoring that can enable students to qualify for entry-level tech jobs. And the best part is …

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié
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12 Email Sign-Offs for Your Next Professional Email

You’ve crafted the perfect email to a client, colleague, or manager. Now all you need to do is choose the right sign-off that matches the mood of the email and makes sense in the scenario. Here’s 12 great sign-offs to try if you’re tired of using “Best” or “Sincerely” to end every email!

By Hailey Jennato
Hailey Jennato Creative Graphic Designer
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Career Resources



The University Career Center wants all students to be successful regardless of their financial circumstances. The closet will provide …

Vault Guide to Case Interviews, Ninth Edition

Case interviews are a crucial part of the hiring process in the consulting industry. Designed to test an applicant’s knowledge …


VentureFizz helps you discover the best jobs and companies in the tech industry.

VentureFizz is the leading authority for jobs …

LinkedIn Learning Classes

Learning Combine with Swift

Taught by Doron Katz
Combine is a monumental paradigm shift in the Apple programming mindset. Combine provides Swift developers with a declarative functional approach…

How to Own a Room

Taught by Madecraft
In the long run, commanding a room means making lasting connections and furthering yourself and your business. In this course,…

Building an Ethereum Blockchain App: 4 Ethereum Development Tools

Taught by Michael Solomon
Have you wondered how blockchain can help you create applications that offer greater transparency, traceability, efficiency, and resilience while lowering…

Linux: Network Configuration

Taught by Scott Simpson
Networking is a fundamental service on a Linux system. Though Linux is widespread, there are many methods of configuring network…

Asynchronous Python: Boost Performance and Efficiency for Real-World Apps

Taught by Ronnie Sheer
If you were cooking a multicourse meal, would you prep one thing at a time? Put bread in the oven,…

TypeScript Essential Training

Taught by Jess Chadwick
TypeScript lets you write JavaScript the same way you always do. That’s because TypeScript compiles to plain JavaScript and works…

Digital Accessibility for the Modern Workplace (with Audio Descriptions)

Taught by Hector Minto
The move towards a more digital workplace affects everyone, from newly remote employees to frontline workers. With technology being such…

Build GANs and Diffusion Models with TensorFlow and PyTorch

Taught by Janani Ravi
If you’re looking for a crash course in generative modeling, this course was made for you. Generative adversarial networks (GANs)…

Visual Studio 2022: First Look

Taught by Walt Ritscher
Visual Studio from Microsoft is a powerful, comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that you can use to develop computer programs…

Predictive Analytics Essential Training: Data Mining

Taught by Keith McCormick
Are you a data science practitioner, looking to develop or enhance your skills in predictive analysis and data mining? This…

Emotional Intelligence Basics

Taught by Madecraft
Emotions play a consistent and important role in every step of your career journey. The ways you perceive, interpret, use,…

ASP.NET Core in .NET 6: Dependency Injection

Taught by David Grace
If you’re a .NET developer or looking to enter the field, it’s essential to have a working understanding of dependency…

Introduction to Business Analytics

Taught by Madecraft
Data is an extremely valuable resource. But without study, it can’t be used to create a data-informed strategy. Business analytics…

C# and .NET Essential Training

Taught by Joe Marini
Microsoft .NET is a modern, cross-platform framework for developing applications for the web, desktop, and mobile devices. This course gives…

Introduction to Couchbase

Taught by Michelle Burns
The course provides an overview of the fundamentals of Couchbase, a leading NoSQL database that’s been emerging in popularity, offering…

Transition from Java to Go

Taught by Adelina Simion
Suggested prerequisites Intermediate-level programming skills in Java Projects Initialize structures (structs), functions, and interfaces to build your own command-line app…

Python Projects: Create an Interactive Quiz Application

Taught by Joe Marini
Think you’ve got a grip on Python? Looking for ways to improve your programming skills? One of the best ways…

Building Web3 Decentralized Apps in Ethereum

Taught by Drew Falkman
Suggested prerequisites Familiarity with JavaScript and React Comfortable with command-line interfaces Familiarity working in IDEs Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has…

Introduction to Cloud Computing for IT Pros

Taught by David Rivers
Cloud-computing services—like the ones offered by Microsoft, Google, and Amazon—take care of storage, backups, file synchronization, security, and all the…

How to Build an Analytics Portfolio that Gets You Your Next Job

Taught by Madecraft
As demand increases for data analytics professionals, competition for entry-level jobs in the field has become quite fierce. That’s why…

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