HispanicDiversity.com, powered by WorkplaceDiversity.com, the source for diversity talent™, is an experienced job-board for corporate recruiters who are seeking experienced diverse Hispanic candidates.

Our main focus is to help connect organizations that support and value diversity and inclusion within the workplace. We present organizations with a central location to accommodate any of their online recruiting needs.

Research shows that the hiring of diversity, also referred to as EEO-1, is a main focus in the workplace nationwide. Other diversity boards tend to focus primarily on one specific group whereas WorkplaceDiversity.com is the first career site that reaches a broad audience. We value the many diverse groups in today’s society and work to help achieve a diverse workforce. By posting positions with WorkplaceDiversity.com, employers demonstrate their commitment to hiring diversity and inclusion initiatives. In doing so, employers are also granted access to a diverse group of quality candidates.

For our job seekers, WorkplaceDiversity.com serves as a web-based community that includes resources and tools to help them connect with employers across multiple career fields. The site serves also as an avenue to look down for the latest diversity information and other resources to ensure that they achieve success in their career paths

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