DiversityInc’s mission is to bring education and clarity to the business benefits of diversity.

DiversityInc is the dominant “diversity” publication. We publish two websites, DiversityInc.com and our by subscription management website, DiversityInc Best Practices.

Our business model extracts valuable data from the largest and most prominent companies in the world. Executives from these companies share their data because they want to compete for the best human capital in a marketplace that is increasingly non-male and increasingly non-white. DiversityInc has decades-long relationships with major corporations because they find our data, products and services to
be an invaluable asset in guiding the growth and prosperity of their companies.

We produce at least three diversity events every year. They are:

• The DiversityInc Top 50 Announcement
• Women of Color and Their Allies
• Supplier Diversity Event

Each year, our Top 50 event draws nearly 1,000 guests from more than 300 companies. The core of DiversityInc is The Top 50 Companies for Diversity competition. Started in 2001, it is a metrics driven evaluation that is independent of the business done with our company. We have spent millions of dollars incorporating our methodology into various software packages that can positively correlate best practices, like senior-executive accountability, diversity councils, resource groups and mentoring with specific results as expressed by human-capital and supplier-diversity results.

Participation in the list has increased every year. The list is volatile as new companies gain strength and others work to keep up with quickly evolving best practices. The Top 50 list is derived exclusively from corporate survey submissions. We evaluate companies within the context of their industries, with more than 20 industries represented. Subsets of the same data submission are used to determine our other lists. The methodology for determining the list is data-driven and the process is editorially driven. The new
list is announced in person at our Spring event. Please see www.DiversityInc.com/events for more information on our diversity events.

The Top 50 Competition drives DiversityInc’s engagement with the most influential companies and CEOs in the world. At our Top 50 live event, we have CEOs in our audience waiting to hear how their company ranks on the list. To quote one of our clients, “Earning a spot on the Top 50 List is like getting a ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.'”

Throughout the year, we provide benchmarking information, workforce management tools and insights that allow our clients to gain recognition for their commitment to diversity. Our Benchmarking product can guide a company with absolute precision to a plan that will produce results when executed. We have more than 60 Benchmarking clients; almost all renew every year.

DiversityInc’s CEO is Carolynn Johnson and Chairman is Luke Visconti.

DiversityInc was founded in 1998.

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