How I Chose My Career in Consulting #MyCareerStoryMonday

Tim Parsons

Name: Tim Parsons

Class Year: 2018

Major: Corporate Finance and Accounting

Position: Business Technology Analyst

Company: Deloitte Consulting

My first experience with Deloitte came as a junior. I was accepted into the Deloitte Consulting Externship program, which is a program open exclusively to Bentley students, where I worked with a team of fellow students to write a White Paper for Deloitte. Throughout the program, which ran the entirety of the spring 2017 semester, I became interested in and applied for …

By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais CareerEdge Colleague Caroline Gervais
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Akamai Creative Resume Challenge

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 3.38.58 PM

The following is a description of the challenge that is open to all college students in Massachusetts. For more information about the submission and judging criteria, a direct link to the challenge can be found here.

The purpose of this challenge is to give students an opportunity to create a resume outside of the traditional one-page text resume. We understand students have many talents and we want to see them here!

All you have to do is create a …

By Megan Nadeau
Megan Nadeau CareerEdge Colleague Megan Nadeau
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How I Chose My Career in Merchandising #MyCareerStoryMonday

My Career Story

Name: Abigail Eisner

Class Year: Senior, Class of 2018

Major: Information Design and Corporate Communication (IDCC)

Position: Merchandising Development Program, Allocation Analyst

Company: The TJX Companies, Inc.

Although I’m only just beginning my official career with TJX, I have had a lot of work experiences throughout the years. In high school I worked a few jobs in town, at Dunkin Donuts and at a local dog kennel, and I was a nanny as well. I work on campus as a …

By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais CareerEdge Colleague Caroline Gervais
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Why designers should learn to code — or at least consider it


If you are interested in design, CS classes might be in your future. As stated in this recent article, “now more than ever, companies are searching for designers that understand HTML, CSS and JavaScript.” Employers hiring for marketing roles are also seeking coding skills. During last Friday’s In the Field Trip site visit to Epsilon, recent Bentley alums shared the edge that CS150 gave them in their job searches.

By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services Amanda Helfand
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Vault, Your Go-To Research Tool! #CareerToolThursday

Career Tool Thursday-2

When preparing for an interview, there are many steps that you need to take. Of course, it’s important to brainstorm your answers to potential interview questions, review your resume, practice your elevator pitch, and preparing your outfit. However, arguably one of the most important interview preparation techniques is developing an understanding of the company. In order to do that, you’ll need to do research on everything from its basic company information, to current news to a more in-depth look into …

By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais CareerEdge Colleague Caroline Gervais
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