A safe home, a supportive network of friends and family, and a stable job are the most important aspects of a good life. Mossier focuses on jobs, working with Queer leaders and allies across all rungs of the ladder to make workspaces work for everyone.

Our consulting services encompass guiding organizations in establishing robust employee resource groups, formulating LGBTQ recruitment strategies, implementing self-identification and DEI analytics initiatives, and developing fair policies, benefits, and HR processes. We also offer a comprehensive range of training programs designed to cultivate a culture of LGBTQ inclusion and equip leaders with inclusive leadership skills.

Furthermore, we forge recruiting partnerships aimed at diversifying your talent pool while facilitating networking opportunities for prospective employees.

We provide invaluable support to LGBTQ individuals through career coaching and job placement services. Our career coaching covers a wide spectrum, from refining resumes and interview preparation to facilitating networking and job market research, as well as engaging in career exploration conversations.

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