Check out PwC’s Women’s Consulting Experience (WCE)

PwC is recruiting for their Women’s Consulting Experience (WCE), which is open to female sophomores (or female freshman only if they will graduate within 3 years which should be clear on their application). By applying to the Women’s Consulting Experience for Spring/Summer 2024, candidates are applying also for a Summer 2025 internship and will receive an offer for a Summer 2025 internship with their acceptance into Women’s Consulting Experience. The internship offer does not have to be accepted prior to WCE, as they can use your time at WCE to ask questions and learn more about PwC and the team.

The link to apply specifically to the Actuarial opportunity is below. (Although the URL to the application says Chicago in it, the main locations are Boston, NY, and Chicago.)

A few potential questions you may have are:

  • Q: When is the program? 
  • A: May 29-31, 2024.
  • Q: Is there a minimum GPA. 
  • A: There is a preferred minimum GPA of 3.3.
  • Q: Are exams required? 
  • A: Exams are not required at this point, but a student’s resume should show intent to sit for exams and pursue an actuarial career.
  • Q: Are international students eligible? 
  • A: PwC currently is not hiring experienced or entry level job seekers who will need, now or in the future, PwC sponsorship through the H-1B lottery.
  • Q: When is the application deadline?
  • A: The application closes Sunday, February 18th. 

Is the actuarial path not for you? There are recruiting for WCE across all of their consulting tracks. All of the postings can be found here:

Check them out today!

By Melissa J. Sawyer
Melissa J. Sawyer Senior Associate Director/Operations Manager, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center