CareerEdge Refresh #CareerToolThursday

As we jump back into all things Bentley, we figured it would be a good time to re-introduce some of the features of CareerEdge (CE) in order to help you get back into the swing of things career-wise! While everyone was introduced to CareerEdge during CDI, here are a few important reminders, as well as some insider tips!

  • An important starting place is editing your alert settings to ensure you’re getting our CE email alerts. There are both weekly and daily options. The emails go out at 11 am everyday and include links to the most recent blogs, events, and job postings that CE has to offer! While we of course allow you to choose your preference, if you are interested in being up to date with all things Career Services, we recommend that you enroll in the daily alerts so you can see what’s happening everyday! Insider Tip: you can also customize the content you see based on what business areas and career topics you are interested in, so you may want to ensure your settings reflect your current step in your career path!
  • Read through the current event postings in this tab and RSVP to upcoming events that are of interest. Insider Tip: it’s a good idea to immediately add any events you sign up for to your outlook/gmail calendar or planner so you don’t forget to attend, as that can negatively impact you once you have RSVP’d! For more information on our RSVP policy, please read this blog.
  • Our CareerEdge team works hard each week to create 5 blog series, and a video series. Here is a refresher on what those entail. Insider Tip: these series often provide very helpful content and advice that you wouldn’t normally have access to!
  • The Featured Jobs tab has links to job and internship opportunities that are particularly interesting or exciting. Each week, the Career Coaches go through all of the jobs and internships on BentleyLink and select a certain amount to be featured. Insider Tip: these are often more unique opportunities and the hand-selected nature can help you to better navigate the crowded field of options on BentleyLink.

If you need any more advice about CareerEdge, be sure to reach out to me via email or stop by the office sometime!

By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais Student Director, CareerEdge & Event Planning Team