An Attitude of Gratitude

Career Services #1It was a week to remember! On Monday, our Falcons returned to the nest and our office was buzzing with activity. On Tuesday, Flex flew to NYC and starred on The Today Show’s segment featuring the Princeton Review’s 2017 ranking of Best Colleges. What an incredible honor to have Bentley University’s Career Services ranked #1 the United States! The recognition is all the more special because it comes from our amazing students. The week continued with messages from students, alumni, parents, friends, colleagues, and employers – all celebrating the accomplishment and beaming with Bentley pride. Friday morning’s Centennial kickoff celebration wrapped up an incredible week that reminded us of how lucky we are to be a part of the Bentley community. And, as the leader of the Career Services, I am blessed to work with an incredibly talented, positive, innovative, #1 team!

By Susan Sandler Brennan
Susan Sandler Brennan Associate Vice President, University Career Services