Upsetting the Apple Cart: Wednesday Sept. 7th 6:30-8:00p.m.

Upsetting the Apple Cart:
Creating a New Food Distribution Solution to Better Serve Us All
Wednesday, September 7th, 6:30-8:00 pm
Bentley University, Waltham MA
Koumantzelis Auditorium, Lindsay Hall

Greg Georgaklis, Founder and Owner of Farmers To You, will share his entrepreneurial journey with us. From a 30-year career in the national horticulture industry, to moving to Vermont with his family to start a sustainable, biodynamic farm, Greg will talk about the realization that led him to launch an online, farm-to-table marketplace in 2010.

Throughout his talk, Greg will provide his thoughts on the following questions:
● What are the flaws in our current food system? What opportunities are being revealed as the current food distribution system fails?
● Why is it important to rebuild the local food system in New England? What are the environmental, social, and economic reasons for doing so?
● How do we balance social justice, environmental stewardship, and financial viability when creating a new business model?

Join this lively conversation that challenges old assumptions and explores new solutions for a better future for farms, food security, the environment, and the health of our communities and our families.

Farmers To You is an online, farm-to-table grocer, connecting Vermont area farmers and Boston area families in order to rebuild a trustworthy and sustainable regional food system.

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy