It takes a Career Community to achieve career development goals! Join a new Career Community to achieve yours today!

Smiling Group of Professionals --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Smiling Group of Professionals — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Bentley Undergraduate Career Services has created a great, new, and easy way for you to learn about different career paths while building up your network in a comfortable, casual environment – Career Communities!  Through Career Communities, you will be able to make more educated decisions based on facts and information you gather from other members of the community, such as what type of company or industry in which you would like to work for an internship or launch a full-time career.


Career Communities are defined by industry or major and by joining one, you’ll become a member of essentially a “learning group.”  All students, no matter what major or class year, can join any career community.  Within these Career Community meetings (which take place during Activity Period), you’ll be able to learn about different industries, company cultures, managerial styles, and so much more.

Since it’s a casual setting, you can ask any question you would like to and feel comfortable doing so. Do you want to know about training? Do you want to know about compensation? Do you really want to know what it’s like to work for a start-up? Do you want to know how to succeed and be the employee who gets promoted? Hear from professionals who will share solid advice and insight based on their own experiences.


A successful Career Community just launched last semester and continues this semester – the Professional Sales Career Community.  This learning group has already gained new knowledge about what it’s like to sell products and services in industries such as cyber security, executive recruiting, lead generation, and insurance. This semester, the Professional Sales Career Community will have Liberty Mutual conducting mock interviews, present on professional sales etiquette, and offer a site visit to this community.

The new Entrepreneurship Career Community is now starting to grow. We have speakers lined up with an entrepreneur speaking at the first meeting and an executive who has experience hearing venture capital pitches and knows what is needed to get the money to launch your business at the second meeting.

The NET IMPACT / Sustainability Career Community has taken off as well this spring semester and the Global Management Career Community, Health Industry Career Community and HR Career Community are just a few that are in the process of being built.

Additionally, UCS incorporates Career Development Workshops into your time spent with the Communities to maximize and enhance community meetings.


Here are the steps and perks of becoming a member:

  1. Read your email! An invitation will be sent to you from Colleen Murphy ( about Career Communities
  2. Let Colleen know if you’re interested in attending one or more Career Community meetings.
  3. SHOW UP! Don’t miss out on meeting impressive professionals who are eager to share their experience and industry knowledge with you.
  4. As a member, you can highlight it on your resume.
  5. In a cover letter, informational meeting, or interview, see how impressive you will be when you share how much knowledge and insight you’ve gained about an industry because you’ve been part of a Career Community!

It’s takes a village, or rather a COMMUNITY, to make career paving happen, so don’t miss out on this terrific group experience – join a Career Community today!

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy