More than just a byline!

Using LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals. Putting your brand in the LinkedIn universe helps professionals know who you are and gives you a better chance at connecting.

Several years ago, a sophomore came to my office and shared her career goals with me. She wanted to become a project manager for a large global company. After reviewing her LinkedIn summary, I was so impressed with her story. She was able to describe how she developed her strong skill set through her work and educational experiences.

After reviewing her summary, I noticed that under her name it read: Sophomore at Bentley University.  It was a flat statement. The goal for her LinkedIn account was to entice and connect with professionals in specific areas of business who worked at large global organizations. She wanted to highlight more than her class year status. I completely agreed with her. This was her opportunity to shine and since she knew exactly what she wanted to do we could create her personal/professional brand.

This is now what appears under her name:


Aspiring Project Manager focused on global companies

From that point on, whenever the student sent an invite to connect, the professional knew a few pieces of information about her. She was interested in their global company, and knew the functional area she was targeting.

Most of the professionals she reached out to viewed her summary and enjoyed reading about how she developed her skills that were relevant to this area of business.


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By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center