When to follow-up? That is the question.


As we all know, follow-up is extremely important after meeting a professional, completing the interview process, or responding to an email. I often get this question, “When should I    follow-up with the professional?”

Our initial reaction is to follow-up immediately. Well, you’re right in thinking it should be within a short period of time, but you should take your time replying to have a  professional tone and a well written follow-up. If you are sending an email thank you note, print it out before sending it. Typos happen, but can be avoided with this one added step. Professionals that are hiring you, expect an excellent work product. A follow-up note, letter, etc., represents your ability to write and express yourself in a clear, concise manner.

Below are some tips to help with your follow-up correspondence:

  • Thank you notes should be sent within 24 hours of the interview
  • Before emailing your thank you note, send it to yourself and a friend, or career services for a review
  • Always reach out to a professional to thank them for the information they shared during a career-related program such as a Career Fair, networking event, or informational meeting
  • Update professionals in your network about new business knowledge gained from courses that you’re enrolled in and are on par with their industry
  • Share new internship information and how it relates to a particular industry of interest

Follow up is a good habit to form and it puts your professional etiquette on display.  Remember, review the letter, thank you card, or email before sending it. You’ll want to send a well-written follow-up.

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Senior Associate Director, Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center Colleen Murphy