No turkey hangover for #HIRED senior Stephanie Costello (FI) thanks to Liberty Mutual


Senior Stephanie Costello is taking it easy today in more ways than one thanks to being #HIRED by Liberty Mutual – she’ll be in their Analyst Development Program come next November!

By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Senior Associate Director, Career Education & Marketing Alyssa Hammond
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Body language mistakes to avoid in a job interview


Many of us mistakenly assume that having a good resume, or excellent work experience or skills is enough to help us through the interview process. We often do not pay much attention to the non verbal signals generated by our body during the whole process of our interaction i.e. our body language. It is most often, our unconscious body language which will impress people on the meeting and determine the fate of the job hunt.

Hence, it is very critical …

By Jacey Johnson
Jacey Johnson
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What Professional Conferences are Like


Going to specific conferences are a helpful way of understanding an industry that may peek your interest, and direct you to a job or company that you love. I had great luck with winning two tickets to 451 Marketing’s second annual DigiRevCon. The conference was about the digital revolution and how marketers have become essential in the changing environment. The conference was a great chance to see what different businesses have been doing to improve interactions with their consumers.

The …

By Olivia Prentiss
Olivia Prentiss
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Is this guy happy or what?! #HIRED senior Nick Italia (CFA) is all smiles thanks to PwC

Nick.Nick Italia.PwC

The #HIRED campaign continues with PwC’s latest offer to senior Nick Italia as their new FSR Associate –

way to go!


By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Senior Associate Director, Career Education & Marketing Alyssa Hammond
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Julia Paradis
By Julia Paradis
Julia Paradis Think Tank Consultant Julia Paradis

Enter to win a free iPad Air!

Download the Careers by Symplicity App, take a photo of your favorite place to search for jobs, post it on FB or Twitter with #CareersbySymp, and the winner will be drawn on December 15th!

Ten best part time jobs for students in the US


Part time employment opportunities for students in the US are difficult to obtain, whether it is on campus or off campus. Some reasons include the following:

Greater your academic grades and achievement, higher your chances of your getting a part time job. This raises the bar for candidates of average abilities.
It does not provide sufficient funds to sustain education costs.
Off campus jobs require adherence to strict governmental regulations via the US immigration and naturalization service.

For the student …

By Sally Yolanda
Sally Yolanda
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