First came the interview, next came the offer!

So your phone rings and the person on the line gives you the big news that you’ve been waiting for…you’ve received your first job offer!  Very exciting.  A few days later, you receive a thick envelope from your potential employer and there is SO MUCH INFORMATION to evaluate.  And it’s kind of overwhelming.  Let’s break down the components of an offer package, starting with the basics…

The first item in your package will be the actual offer letter.  The offer …

By MaryEllen Ryan
MaryEllen Ryan Senior Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Services MaryEllen Ryan
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Utilizing Career Services Will Only Help You

Alright Falcons, it’s time to take a good, long, hard look at ourselves! The spring semester is in full swing which means the pressure to find a job/internship and beat out the other 10 applicants, is real. Bentley has given us the unique privilege to be in the care of nationally ranked Career Service Advisors. So what’s the deal, Bentley? They are here for us – so why aren’t we there for them?!

Depending on your major and interests, you are …

By Halley McDevitt
Halley McDevitt Halley McDevitt
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The Hartford’s Actuarial Internship Program

Throughout the summer, I worked at The Hartford in the Actuarial Internship Program. Specifically, I worked in Group Benefits Valuation where I worked on a larger project for the majority of the summer. In short, I was evaluating current reserves and determining whether or not they required adjustment.  In doing so, I gained significant exposure to programs such as Microsoft Access and further developed my knowledge of Microsoft Excel, particularly in coding macros. In addition to improving my technical …

By Jessica Sackett
Jessica Sackett
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The Importance of Strong Communication


Most people who apply for jobs as actuaries or mathematicians almost always will tell you that their quantitative reasoning is their greatest intellectual asset. However, if everyone attempts to advertise themselves to employers as having strong quantitative skills then it becomes necessary to find something else to show separation between yourself and other candidates. In the field of actuarial science the most common problem individuals experience is difficulty communicating. There is a strong stereotype in the business world that …

By Cory Kalin
Cory Kalin
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What “The Dress” Can Teach Us About Our Career Search

By now you have probably seen the photo of the dress that went viral yesterday after viewers could not stop arguing over its color – is it white and gold or blue and black? You may have even read the articles explaining why we see the color differently (if not, learn more here). But how, you might ask, does this relate to your career search?

Every student has different interests and different definitions of success. If you talk to a …

By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Services Amanda Helfand
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Career Tool Kit Series: LinkedIn, Branding YOU!

Week 3

LinkedIn: Branding you!

When a professional receives your LinkedIn invitation to connect, what do you think is their first move? You’re right if you thought they immediately search for your name, toggle over your name, and then proceed to read your LinkedIn summary. Knowing this practice, you’ll want to market your career aspirations and strengths in your brand which appears underneath your name.

Make sure to carve out ample amount of time when you create your LinkedIn account. You …

By Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Services Colleen Murphy
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