Power to Fly

About Us

PowerToFly was launched by Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski in 2014 to connect Fortune 500 companies and fast growing startups with women who are looking to work for companies that value gender diversity and inclusion. PowerToFly is building the platform to propel diversity recruiting and hiring. Our optimized search and sourcing tools, targeted job promotions, and high visibility employer branding services reduce the time to hire hard to reach talent pools of underrepresented female engineers at a centralized and lower cost. Through the platform companies gain full access to actively and passively build a pipeline of vetted women in tech and across digital.

Our Mission

Lift the world through placing and keeping diverse women in high-visibility careers.

Our Vision

We make it seamless for employers and diverse women to find each other, develop and grow.

What We Value

Our values reinforce our mission and vision. They set out who we aspire to be, how we want to work and what we want our community to feel. Our daily actions demonstrate whether we are living these values at PowerToFly. We hold ourselves accountable and welcome people outside our company to do the same so that we learn and improve.

A Global Team First

Our remote, global team is the core reason for our growing business. We can only be successful if all voices are valued whether you’re interning with us or running a large team across oceans. We hire the best from anywhere and give them support and compensation commensurate to their local living needs.

Our Community & Clients Are Treated Equally & Exceptionally

Whether you are a woman looking to enhance your career or a customer at a multinational corporation looking to diversify your team, you will be treated exceptionally. We will listen, be present, build trust, communicate regularly to understand and deliver on the results you need. We expect that same treatment across our teams and from our clients and community.

Transparent Optimists

We’re here to solve a problem that has existed for eons. We share blueprints for success and relay feedback early and often. Oh, and we hate performative allyship. Unlike a social post, building diverse teams and retaining them is hard work that requires significant resources and intense feedback loops.

Open and Inclusive To All

We believe that representation matters and want to help people from all backgrounds, regardless of how they identify, feel like they belong.

Grow as an Owner

We believe in autonomy as long as you’re accountable and fueling the growth mindset required to build up the entire company as co-owners. Every full-time team member has stock options, unlimited PTO, and high-degrees of flexibility through permanent remote work.

Have Fun by Being Yourself

Our work is serious and it drives lasting impact throughout global communities. That doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves seriously or burn out at work everyday. Building a platform with lasting impact requires levity, and pacing, to get through the toughest problems.
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