How to Prepare for Career Fair

With the Career Fair happening tomorrow (or today if you are an Economics or Finance major), it would only be fitting to provide some tips to nail any Career Fair. It can be intimidating for many people to interact with potential employers, but following these tips can make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable and result in you soaring for success by the end of the day! So before you set foot in the Career Fair, here are some things to keep in mind:

Do Your Research

Though this might seem like a given, you will need more time to learn everything you need to know about companies during the event. Therefore, it is best to research beforehand to ensure you are ready to start conversations with employers. It will allow you to understand companies better, and employers will take note and appreciate any research you have done. Also, countless companies are attending the Career Fair, so knowing where you want to go and what companies apply to your major can be overwhelming to map out while at the event. If you would like a refresher on what companies will be in attendance, check out this link!  (For Eco-Fi Fair attendees, employers attending can be found here!)

Dress for Success

You might have heard the quote, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” which applies perfectly to the Career Fair! Following the business casual dress code will let recruiters know you are prepared to enter the corporate world, even as a college student. You also have to remember that being at college does not turn this into a casual setting, and you will get the opportunity to make meaningful connections with others, so dress your best while you soar for success! Also, remember to come prepared for success! Bring around three to five copies of your resume so employers can reach you beyond an email newsletter!

Prioritize Meaningful Connections

In this event, less is more regarding what stations you should go to. After looking into every company you are interested in, focus on the ones you like most and make meaningful connections with panelists. While the Career Fair is an event that encourages as much networking as possible, its objective is for students to find companies they enjoy and feel like they would be an excellent addition to and any possible networking connections that can come out of it. So, instead of going on a world tour, go to two to four stations and discuss opportunities with employers.

Stay in Touch

Employers will let you sign up for their companies’ newsletters and updates, but why stop there? After meeting them at the Career Fair, start showing interest in the companies you like best. You do not have to commit to all companies you signed up for, nor do you have to attend all future events, but make yourself stand out by showing interest in companies weeks after the Career Fair.

Career coaches, design colleagues, and other CareerEdge staff can answer any last-minute questions. Happy Career Fair!

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié