How to Jumpstart your Career Development with BentleyPlus

As a Bentley student, you have probably heard your classes or career coaches talk extensively about defining your competencies for future employers. And though you know yourself well enough to find a few, how do you know for sure what you excel or need to improve? BentleyPlus is here to help you find out!

First of all, what is BentleyPlus?

BentleyPlus is a program introduced in Fall 2022 that aims to work on student competencies with the help of on-campus advisors. Throughout the school year, students can attend advising sessions where they work with advisors on two or three skills they choose to focus on throughout the school year and how to improve them. Their work will also allow them to take home a certificate for completion of the program!

When do BentleyPlus sessions take place?

Sessions take place whenever you are available! Several time slots for Session #1 of the year are available on the BentleyPlus CampusGroups. Just select the time slot that works best for you and register accordingly.

Does the program take long to complete?

BentleyPlus only requires you to attend three one-hour sessions throughout the school year! Though students are always allowed to participate in more if they wish, the program is easy to implement, even on a tight schedule.

How will BentleyPlus help me in my Career Development?

The program´s primary goal is to strengthen helpful competencies you have to bring to the workplace. The buildup of these competencies will allow you to narrow qualities you can add to your resume and talk to potential employers about your efficiency in these. Also, if you run out of things to discuss in your interview, BentleyPlus sessions can be a reliable experience you can bring up!

BentleyPlus sessions start this September 26 and run until October 11. Check out the BentleyPlus website or CampusGroups for more information and registration. Happy skill building!

By Isabella Ampié
Isabella Ampié