Welcome to our New Staff!

With the start of the semester, we are excited to welcome our three new staff members to the Pulsifer Career Development Center! These staff members are ecstatic to be a part of the Bentley community and cannot wait to help students on their professional journeys.

The first face you will see when you walk into the office is Angela Haynes. Angela is the administrative coordinator for the Undergraduate Career Development Team in the Pulsifer Career Development Center. Angela manages all administrative functions so the office can run smoothly!

Kristin Helm is our Senior Assistant Director at the Undergraduate Pulsifer Career Development Center. She is here as a primary resource for Computer Information Systems and Management majors and also oversees the Non-profit Internship Program. If you fall into one of these categories, make sure to stop by and say hello!

Lisa Dinsmore is our Associate Director of Undergraduate Career Development in the Pulsifer Career Development Center. Lisa has an extensive background in the business world and is looking forward to helping her students secure positions to begin their careers! Specifically, Lisa will be working with Economics-Finance, Business Economics, Quantitative Economics, and LSM/BA Majors and students interested in Consulting, Sustainability, Healthcare, and Nonprofits.

Our office is now filled with smiling faces looking to best support Bentley students on their career paths. Make sure to attend our events this semester and connect with our staff to make the most of your Bentley experience!


By Madelyn Weiss
Madelyn Weiss Creative Blog Curator