Top 3 Job Boards To Check Out

There are so many amazing resources if you are looking for a job, with popular websites that have incredible job boards being Indeed or Glassdoor. In fact, CareerEdge probably has the most comprehensive, relevant, and most recently updated jobs for Bentley students or graduates! Sometimes, though, we need to look elsewhere, so here are three awesome job boards to check out. 

  1. Monster
    1. Monster is such a good and extensive platform to find jobs. It is easy to search and filter by job function, company, and location. It also has a great section to help new graduates conduct market and salary research and find career advice. 
  2. We Work Remotely
    1. We Work Remotely helps individuals find remote work. If working remotely is important to you – check out this job board! There are many functions and types of jobs on the site, make sure to take advantage!
  3. Career Contessa
    1. Career Contessa has an incredible job board that is continuously being updated. This site is catered toward women and the list of jobs, which is long and can look overwhelming, can be easily refined. 
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator