Think About Your Remote and Hybrid Needs Before You Accept a Job!

It’s almost time for offers to start rolling out, especially if you’ve been applying and interviewing for a while. Jobs offers are exciting and have a lot of great information within them, including location, salary, any kind of possible bonuses, and also indicators of start date. In this new age of remote work, something that your job offer might not have spelled out is the remote or hybrid policy of the company or role. It’s really important to be clear on the in-person responsibilities before you accept that job offer.


Here are some questions to consider about yourself and your inclination to remote work:

  • Is the gained flexibility of working from home important to you?
    • There’s a lot to be said about the flexibility of WFH. In fact, it’s all over the news and every LinkedIn post I seem to come across. This is because people have strong opinions on it. The comfort of your own home means leaving behind hours of travel time and being able to complete errands like laundry during your work breaks. At the same time, it means sacrificing serendipity moments with coworkers or the ability to pop into somebody’s line of sight and ask a quick question. It’s crucial to think about what you want your work experience to look like.
  • Does being remote work for you?
    • Although college and work are different, Bentley did have virtual classes for a while due to the pandemic. Think about the adjustment and the difficulties regarding technology that you may have had during that time. Is remote work something that is appealing to you? Additionally, think about your career progression and whether remote work will allow you to be your best, most productive self. There are people out there who never want to go back to in-person work and thrive at home. There are also individuals who cannot focus and motivate themselves outside of a traditional office setting. Figure out where you land based on your past experiences and your values!
  • Evaluating costs!
    • Fully remote work for you could mean moving somewhere completely new and exciting since you do not have to be near your home office. Hybrid situations allow you to choose the amount of commute you are comfortable with depending on your days physically in the office. Finally, fully in-person work usually requires that you live within a reasonable distance of the office. It’s important to consider the costs of living (rent within the city if your job is in Boston and possibly public transport) versus commuting (gas and mileage, as well as the cost of your time) versus living somewhere else and working virtually (rent and a stable internet connection).

Everybody is different when it comes to remote work. Some people love it and others don’t. However, it is likely going to be more and more common for employers to offer remote opportunities or give employees a choice. Make sure to reach out to your recruiter or company contact to figure out the policy or details regarding remote work. And then, make sure to consider your needs and wants around the topic before you accept anything. Best of luck!


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova