Want a Sustainable Career?

Hey Falcons! Our generation has grown up with many more conversations regarding sustainability, “Going Green”, and making choices in both our personal lives and careers that will not only benefit ourselves but also the planet. As many of you are applying and interviewing for positions, think about your passions and your beliefs surrounding corporate responsibility as it relates to our environment. There are now SO many jobs surrounding sustainability. To gain an understanding and learn about high-paying and fulfilling career paths, read this article.

The article discusses a little bit of the sustainability domain in general and provides an answer to why a sustainable career path may be the one for you. Then, there are four informative sections on what kind of roles you may find in relation to sustainability: Corporate Sustainability roles, Consulting roles, Governmental and Non-Profit roles, and Entrepreneurship roles. There are many corporate roles that will give you a chance to make a sustainable difference in the world. The article provides some insight into the responsibilities and technical skills that these roles require and even compares the many options for you. More interested in researching? Maybe find a role as a Strategist or an Engineer/Specialist. There are so many consulting opportunities within sustainability, as well as federal organizations and non-profits that can help you reach your sustainability career goals. If you’re interested in starting or running your own business, the article has a ton of tips on how to incorporate sustainability in the products or services you choose to offer.

It doesn’t stop there, though! There’s guidance on what educational paths you can take after Bentley to increase your knowledge on sustainability or up your credentials. There’s even a section on important questions you should ask yourself before you go into sustainability. Finally, there are some awesome and easy tips on how to start your search into the big, wide world of sustainable careers.

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator