Big Interview’s Resource For Video Interviews!

The semester is now in full swing and interviews are going to be happening left and right! The deal with interviewing this year? While some interviews might be in-person, many companies have added required video interview components to their recruitment processes. It’s important, especially this year, to be competent and prepared to deal with these changes and additions. Big Interview, a resource that the Bentley Pulsifer Career Development Center has recommended many times in the past to practice your interview skills via camera (found here) has now released a guide that is fully equipped with information to help you succeed in your next video interview! The guide, which can be found here, not only provides data to explain why video interviewing is so important, but also trains you to ace them.

The guide discusses the basic background information for why companies choose to do video interviews and the different types of video interviews you may encounter throughout the recruitment process. There’s also a section on how to set up and make sure that your technology is ready for your video interview. There are additional sections in the guide on how to dress for a professional video interview, what questions to ask, and how to prepare yourself for a video interview. Finally, Big Interview gives some extra tips on how to really impress an interviewer virtually! Because companies are increasingly relying on virtual interviews, utilizing Big Interview’s guide is a great first step to gain an advantage in the competitive job market! Good luck, Falcons!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator