How To Balance Multiple Jobs

Having multiple jobs is a very real situation for many Falcons. If you’re working multiple jobs this summer, or in general find yourself working multiple jobs during a semester while you’re also taking classes, it’s a good idea to balance your many responsibilities so that you’re not overwhelmed or behind on any of the work you have to do. Here are some tips on how to manage and balance having more than one job.

    • Block out time for yourself and hobbies + stick to that
      • Making your schedule ahead of the week will ensure that you have time for other activities when you’re not working, which is crucial for both your sanity and productivity
    • Keep an open line of communication with supervisors
      • Letting your employers know that you have multiple jobs is important if situations arise that make you late on deliverables or overall stress you out. You do not have to discuss your situation of having multiple jobs much, unless it starts affecting the caliber or timeliness of your work. Being open with employers about your struggles is almost always better than handling serious problems silently.
    • Get ahead on projects when you can but let downtime be downtime
      • If you can get ahead on projects in any job, take the opportunity to do so. Getting things out of the way early is an ideal way to reduce your stress and show employers that you are absolutely killing it!
    • Morale up!
      • If you’re working multiple jobs, you probably have your reasons for it. Whether it’s to save money, gain relevant or more experience, or something else, keep that in mind as you go through your jobs and try to keep your morale up.
  • If you’re able to have a set weekly schedule, do it… for each job
    • Sometimes, employers prefer a more flexible approach to scheduling, or working different hours during the week, but when you have multiple jobs with a lot of responsibilities, having varying schedules for jobs might just get in the way, create overlaps, and may be more difficult to remember.

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By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator