Maximizing Your Full-Time Offer Chances

After a few amazing weeks of interning at what seems to be your dream company in an ideal role, you might be asking yourself how you can ensure that you get that full-time return offer. While every company will have different ways of evaluation, there is a varying (often limited) number of open spots for entry-level positions the following year. Here are some ways in which you can put yourself in the best position possible to get a full-time offer!

  • Advocate for yourself
    • Make your manager and hiring manager aware of how you have been progressing through the internship. Additionally, ask about full-time employment opportunities after graduation. No one is going to know that you want the position unless you advocate for yourself!
  • Network (effectively)
    • Reach out to previous interns who are currently in full-time positions. Meeting up with them can allow you the opportunity to ask them how they were able to convert their internship to a full-time offer. They can also give you some helpful tips to maximize your internship.
  • Finish strong
    • When planning ahead, it is easy to lose sight of the present. Ensure that you are still meeting daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You should always prioritize the work you are assigned to ensure that you are presenting yourself in the best light.
  • Stay in touch
    • After the internship, be sure to stay in touch with your manager, hiring manager, and any other employees that you networked with over the summer. Business needs can change rapidly, so you never know when they could be looking to fill a role that piques your interest and aligns with your skillset.
By Nathan Tombo
Nathan Tombo Structured Content Creator Nathan Tombo