BREAKING: New Affinity Communities Up On CareerEdge

Hey, Falcons, there’s a new navigation tool up on CareerEdge! Although the “Career Communities” tab at the top-left of your navigation bar is a wonderful resource for jobs, events, and opportunities that are aligned with your academic interests, the Pulsifer Undergraduate Career Development Center understands that your major is not always the most important consideration for where to work. 

Your identity is so important to consider when you are involved in a search for jobs or internships, and if you’re part of a minority group, it might feel, at times, that you need more support or resources. Well, we hear you, which is why the Career Development Center is excited to introduce the implementation of NEW “Affinity Communities.” This tab is located to the right of Career Communities on the top navigation bar within CareerEdge.

Affinity Communities provide a network of support and a plethora of resources to Bentley students who are a part of minority groups as they search for jobs. It’s crucial for students to have communities that are more representative of their identities than simply a major or minor.


Currently, there are 8 Affinity Communities available:

  • African American/Black/Brown Students
  • Asian Students
  • First Generation Students
  • Hispanic/Latinx Students
  • International Students
  • LGBTQ+
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Women


Each Affinity Community has a similar set-up, with relevant blogs on the left-hand side, and then widgets showing Upcoming Events, Student Organizations, and Professional Associations going down the right side. Additionally, there are additional resources for that specific community at the bottom of the page. Let’s explore one together for a moment. I am personally only a member of the Women Affinity Community, and for the sake of Women’s History Month, let’s look at that one!


Here’s the homepage, describing the community. 

Here are the blogs and events, student orgs, and professional orgs along each side.

And finally, here are additional resources that may be helpful as minority students go through their job searches. These are the featured ones, but there is an option at the bottom right of the screen to load all resources.

This is such an exciting addition to CareerEdge and the Career Development Center is looking forward to seeing students utilize their own community or communities!

By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova