Bentley Women’s Network & Career SUCCESS

This week’s club highlight will be of interest to aspiring women in business who should definitely check out Bentley Women’s Network during their time at college. BWN works to provide a network for women on campus, allowing them to be successful in many different ways. Considering the ever-prevalent gender wage gap and other types of discrimination against women within the workplace, especially in male-dominated fields such as finance, Bentley Women’s Network works to give their 50+ members resources and events to become more qualified, educated, and well-rounded candidates.


Why join BWN? Well, do it for your career!


Not only do exclusive networking events create opportunities to meet employers and other successful women, often leading to job and internship offers, but allow members to practice soft skills like making meaningful connections through conversation and following up with employers. Many of the events focus on how women can break that infamous glass ceiling and most of the inspiring BWN speakers can speak to how they have dealt with adversity, answering relevant questions that students have and even bringing forth helpful advice and support.


Going to different events, whenever you can, throughout the year is not that time-consuming or intense, and provides all of the previously mentioned benefits. Getting involved with leadership roles in BWN even furthers your professional development, enhancing event-planning and organizational skills. Contacting employers and alumni and creating creative, fun, and fulfilling events is not easy work, but it pays off by allowing members to learn so much and meet many experienced leaders.


Rhea Vengurlekar and Nivetha Aravindan are current Co-Presidents of Bentley Women’s Network and encourage anybody who has any questions to contact them, especially if in need of support or advice! Rhea has talked about Bentley Women’s Network in many interviews, bringing attention to her newly-gained skills. She remembers that interviewers are often very impressed with the mission of Bentley Women’s Network and how hard the members work to achieve their objectives. 


What do BWN members get to attend?


There are events with accomplished guest speakers from a plethora of companies. Rhea mentions that her favorite events include Pumpkin Painting Networking and a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Conference. These events focus on creating a comfortable yet professional atmosphere where serious, tough topics can be discussed, while still having fun. Fostering and maintaining friendly relationships and mentorships is a top goal for BWN and it seems to be working!


Learn to become an advocate for your career by joining Bentley Women’s Network! Final thoughts on BWN come from one of the Co-Presidents herself: “Definitely join! Especially as an undergraduate student, it is crucial to get connections and network,” Rhea states. 


By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova