Must-Have Skills and Creative Ways to Practice Them: Weekend Edition

Developing a skill-set is something that you do during every Bentley class, as well as in most of your other activities. This is also something that you do not have to depend on Bentley or anybody else for, as you can easily practice these ten skills that I brainstormed while reading this article on qualities that professionals must have.

  1. Make a budget or a grade-calculator for your classes via Excel. Explore different features of Excel and brush up on your IT101 skills. Excel will likely be a (big or small) part of your career, no matter what major you are and no matter what industry you choose.
  2. Write a persuasive letter or email to a friend. Think an activity is super fun but your friend doesn’t? Try to persuade your friend on a topic of your choice (professionally, for bonus points) to work on your professional writing and persuasive skills, which will also be crucial at any job.
  3. Socially-distanced socialization! Mask-up and go on a walk. Try to greet people without feeling awkward that you need to do so with a mask, as this may become a norm for professional environments. Better get that practice now!
  4. Set strict deadlines. Everybody has things they need to get done on the weekend prior to the start of the week. Most everybody procrastinates until Sunday scaries get them moving. One weekend, try to set several and manageable deadlines for your work (at time-points between Friday-Sunday), and pretend like not following these is not an option. You don’t have to do this every weekend, but at most jobs, punctuality and timeliness are crucial, so it’s a good exercise.
  5. Plan out a weekend! This may be harder due to the limited activities that are currently available but jam-pack a weekend (it can even be filled with watching favorite movies) in advance. Then, stay on schedule and make sure everything goes smoothly. Try not to be late for anything in your schedule. This important skill can go a long way in a professional environment!
  6. Try on your professional clothes, have a fashion show, mix and match to create new professional outfits to make sure that you have the ability to dress professionally and understand what is acceptable in different environments (business professional, business casual, casual).
  7. Take time to watch the news and know what is going on in the world. Having your own knowledge about worldly affairs is more important to employers than I could possibly imply, as the news impacts everything we do. 
  8. Make a PowerPoint presentation for friends on a topic of your choice, and present it. This can work presentation skills, creativity, and public speaking skills.
  9. Think of something you really want to do this weekend. As in, your last class ends Friday and you RUN to do it. Now, make yourself be patient and wait until Sunday with a calm mind. This can be stressful, which can work your ability to stay relaxed, and also trains you to be more patient, which is very necessary at a job or internship.
  10. Go on CareerEdge or the Career Development Center’s various social media accounts and go through everything you want to! Professional development and understanding are of the highest importance, so make sure to be actively practicing and keeping up with it.
By Alina Minkova
Alina Minkova Creative Blog Curator Alina Minkova