Happy Summer from Career Services

Congrats! You are officially done with another year at Bentley University.

Freshmen – look at how far you came. From just a high school student a year ago to now a seasoned falcon owning this campus as your new home.

Sophomores – half way there. You’ve experienced a lot at Bentley thus far but trust me, you have a lot more good things coming for you in the next two years.

Juniors – the true leaders of the campus. Use your next year to make an impact, leave a legacy, and drive meaningful change to our campus community and beyond.

Seniors – four years down. Here’s to the next years of your life and to starting off a new chapter outside of Bentley University. Hard work, grit, resilience, and a whole lot of fun pays off in the long run. Keep your eye on your target and keep moving forward.


Congrats again to all on a successful year. Make this summer the best yet and we will see you in the fall!

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator