A Note to All Bentley Students


The state of the world right now is something we never expected. The speed and magnitude of COVID-19’s impact on our lives has been unimaginable putting a hault on many milestones, events, moments, and so much more. A pause on life is not something any of us wanted and quite frankly, not something that we have dealt with before.

Let’s face the reality, these are going to be hard times. Some might have family members battling with COVID 19 health issues, others might endure financial strains as unemployment rises, many will have troubles getting through the last weeks of classes, and anxiety spurred from the world’s looming uncertain future might rise.

These struggles are real and feel like battles each and every day. It is okay to know that right now some days might not look as good as the others. Bad days make the good days feel even better and tough times are always temporary.

But even through these ebs and flows of life, know that through it all, you are not alone. At Bentley, you are never alone. We, together, are a community of individuals built with layers of resiliency. Times like this will show us what courage lies underneath because if there is one common thread in every Bentley student, it’s the sense of strength in times of adversity.

This is the time to be positive and to create your own new path to walk – both professionally and personally. The Career Services office is here for YOU. We are staying positive, motivated, dedicated, and resilient during this time and we want YOU to take that same promise and mindset too. Take this as an opportunity to life yourself up and refocus on what your goals, aspirations, and professional pursuits will look like over the next days, weeks, months, and years to come.

This is your turn to take life by the wheel and with a smile on your face and a positive thoughts you will be able to come out of quarantine as a better and stronger falcon that you thought you would grow to become!

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani