Parker Dewey: Micro Internships for YOU!

Are you looking to gain more real world experience? Do you have the desire to work on projects to gain NEW skills and expertise? Are you hoping to boost your resume with additional relevant work? Parker Dewey has a solution for you!

What is Parker Dewey?

Parker Dewey is the largest network of highly motivated college students and recent graduates who are excited to complete short-term, paid, professional assignments. While executing these Micro-Internships, Career Launchers demonstrate their skills and grit, and exceed expectations as they seek the right full-time role or internship.

How does it work? 

Parker Dewey’s Micro-Internships for Hiring program complements existing internship and campus recruiting efforts by providing opportunities to engage prospective candidates year-round, even while they are still earning their degree.

Connect college students with hiring managers and teams to mutually assess fit in a risk-free way, and get ongoing feedback on college student’s skills before advancing candidates through the hiring funnel.

What is a micro internship?

Internships are great, but traditional programs are limited by the number of opportunities they can offer and the talent they can attract. Micro-Internships are scalable, easy to implement, and create a pathway into your existing programs.

From on-demand project support to industry-leading diversity recruitment initiatives, Micro-Internships help your team identify, engage, and assess college students and recent grads nationwide.

Head to Parker Dewey today to kickstart your career path!

By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Pulsifer Career Development Center Paul Stanish