How to Maintain a Strong Network in Business

Someone once said, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. That statement holds incredible truth when it comes to the world of business. It can be hard to find jobs or opportunities that fit what you are looking for and the number one way to get a good foot in the door is through a strong network of individuals.

However, this network can’t be built over night. It’s important to note that real relationships are established over a long period of time with genuine intentions. There are a few things to keep in mind when building a strong network – here are some tips:

  • Meet in Person When Possible

The strongest connections are the ones that people meet in person usually over a coffee. It’s important to see the person you are talking to, not just have the relationship be built over a series of emails. It also shows a level of commitment to take thirty minutes to meet up outside of the office.

  • Send Happy Thanksgiving and Happy New Year emails

A quick thoughtful note goes a long way. Let them know you are thankful to have them in your network and wishing them the best this holiday season. Everyone is always a bit more joyful these months so send an email to them as a kind gesture.

  • Congratulate him/her on Recent Accomplishments

Did they recently get promoted? Have they spearheaded a new initiative? Keep up to date with big milestones in their career and wish them luck on it. It’s a nice little note that shows you are genuine and interested in their professional development too.

  • Send Over Interesting Thought Pieces

This is an easy one. An interesting article, Ted Talk, podcast, report …. you name it. Send over a link or pdf copy with a few highlights if you think they might be interested in the subject matter. Such a simple thought but taking these steps is important to show you are just thinking about them and sharing insight they would find interesting.


By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani