How to Strategize Short Term Career Goals 

Everyone should always be working towards a few goals when it comes to their career. It is important to always have something to work towards because not only does it keep you motivated in your day to day but it also refocuses your attention. Here are some key points to keep in mind when you think about how to strategize your personal short term career goals. 

Build A Strong Skill Set 

When thinking about short term career goals you should start with the skills that you want to build and develop over time. Whether they are soft skils like communication, project management, research, teamwork or others, these are areas that you can look at when considering new jobs or leadership roles. It can also have more of a technical focus when thinking about skills. Finance majors might want to dive deep into financial modeling, investing, or even coding skills. Find roles that will further develop these areas and turn them into your short term career goals.

Outline Key Accomplishments 

Breaking down your whole career path into smaller, achievable accomplishments is a great way to stay results focused while also checking off key goals. For instance, an accomplishment might be spearheading a new initiative, getting more exposure to a team within the division, completing your first deal, and so forth. Find a few things that you really want to accomplish and reimagine them as short term career goals. 

Focus on Widening Your Perspective

Sometimes not everyone is as results focused. If you are someone that is more laid back, curious, and interested in learning than your career goals and can be reshaped to match that! Widening a perspective can have so much value in a career because you can leverage deeper insight and maybe even fall into something that you absolutely love! If all else fails, have a short term career goal be to widen your perspective on a number of areas you are curious to learn more about!


By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator