Wall Street 101 – BootCamp Recap

Wall Street 101 is held at Bentley University’s world-class academic Trading Room in Waltham, MA. This 5-day non-residential program provides a fun and interactive opportunity for rising high school juniors and seniors to learn about the global financial markets.  Through simulated trading exercises, equity valuation classes, industry analysis, portfolio construction and engagement with senior level executives from the financial services industry, students are introduced to the fascinating world of global finance and investing.

During Wall Street 101, students will …

  • Learn about portfolio construction, risk management and financial engineering in our high-tech Hughey Center Trading Room
  • Tour well-known investment firms in downtown Boston
  • Interact with guest speakers who join us from the fields of trading, portfolio management, wealth management and research analytics.
  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills through interactive trading games and group projects

Students will work in small teams to utilize the financial technology of the Bentley Trading Room to construct a diversified portfolio of equity securities. Each team member will be responsible for analyzing different sectors of the market. With the help of a group leader, students will develop a formal presentation that explains the reasons for investment selections, including a detailed financial analysis of at least one company.

“Thanks to Bentley’s Wall Street 101 program I now have far greater insight into what I want to study in college. The atmosphere in class was lively and engaging, not only because of the teachers, but also because of the students I met from across the globe. It is great to enter my senior year with a whole new perspective on the financial markets and a whole new network of contacts and friends.”

-Brendan Kenney, Medway High School, Class of 2019

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator