What to Post on Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best tools in our modern day that connects professionals at all levels across all industries together in one centralized platform. This network is a golden ticket waiting to be used. But, building a credible LinkedIn page and knowing what and when to post is sometimes confusing, especially in your college years. Outlined below are four different types of posts you can publish on your LinkedIn page that will generate more users to your page, increase engagement, and build your personal and professional brand on the platform. 

Notable accomplishments and awards

What have you achieved lately that you are particularly proud of? Did you win a case competition? Did you get Bloomberg Market Certified? Did you pass a Series 7 exam? These are all different accomplishments that you can briefly post about on your LinkedIn. It shows work ethic, drive, and a commitment to excellence. 

Interesting events you attended 

Whether it was a panel discussion with industry experts, a local conference, or even a small on campus event – highlighting these are important to show that you are actively involved. It also lends itself to getting a new perspective from the event you attended and commenting on something you learned or were surprised about in the post. Who knows there might even be people who also went to the event who will comment their takeaways as well! This is a good way to increase post engagement and share your insight on different events you attend. 

Relevant and interesting current news 

In this ever changing and globalized world, the importance of keeping up with the current trends and news is more critical than ever. If you read something that caught your attention on the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Financial Times, Forbes, or any other credible news medium than feel free to share it on your LinkedIn! Put a short quote that really grabbed your attention and link the article – its that easy. Be sure to only post credible information from well known publications. 

Motivational mediums 

Podcasts and Ted Talks have been revolutionary in the way people now consume information. Similar to posting articles, thought-provoking mediums like the two mentioned are another great way to share interesting pieces. This is a good way to maybe introduce an interview or obscure topic that gets your thoughts racing and will facilitate a conversation on your page. 


By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator