Are you Career Confused?! Here are 5 Actionable Ways You Can Achieve Career Clarity

At the end of our teenage years and the fresh beginning of our twenties we feel as though that society expects us to know what we want in terms of a career. Most of the time, we don’t exactly know and that is totally okay – and quite normal I might add. However, it is refreshing to have direction when it comes to navigating your personal career path. If you are feeling a bit stuck in the mud and career confused with an endless search for career clarity then this is the blog post for you. This list of 5 actionable items you can start today to get more insight on what career path might be the best for you. Remember though, these are just suggestions and small ways that will give you a better understanding of your potential career trajectory. It might not end in the world’s biggest epiphany and you still might want some guidance afterwards but these tips will surely provide direction.

Make a list of your strengths 

Everyone has a unique set of integral strengths that come naturally in any context. Whether it is in group projects, the professional workplace, or even the way you operate on your day to day, a set of key strengths are core to you in particular. One way you can go about learning what are your strengths is by asking for honest feedback from those you have worked with in the past. You can also leverage online tools such as the StrengthsFinder test to get an in depth report of your top five strengths and how they might be best served in the work environment. 


Write down your ideal company culture 

Each company has a different and unique culture so it’s about finding the one that is right for you. Do you prefer a global company or a small company? Would you enjoy a competitive, fast paced culture or something that is more relaxed and creative? Do you value teamwork or do you work best independently? Do you thrive in creative entrepreneurial atmospheres or are you fit for a structured environment? These are just a few questions you can start to ask yourself when evaluating what is the perfect company culture to fit your professional needs and wants.


Take self assessments 

How much do you REALLY know about yourself? At this age, maybe not as much as you thought you did. A great way to learn more about who you are and what you want is by taking a few self assessments on your personality. This will give you a better sense of how you personally operate everyday which will give you an understanding of what to look for in your career journey.


Reach out to your network

Engaging in conversations with others that are either your peers or a few years older than you is incredibly helpful in absorbing insight on the real day to day of jobs you might be considering. Alumni are a great place to start because they are usually always willing to lend a helping hand and hop on the phone for a 30 minute chat. Prepare a solid list of 4-5  questions and have a goal before you chat to make sure you are getting the most of your network. 


Stay open minded and positive 

This is arguably the most important part to navigating a slightly confusing part of your career journey. Stay in the present moment and stay positive. Know that your past experiences have led you to this point in time and the only way to move is forward. Take the right steps in the right direction and if you maintain and open mindset you will surely find your perfect career opportunity. 


By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani