Consultants Will Be Augmented by AI, Not Replaced!

“Consultants will be augmented by AI, not replaced” says Roland Berger Former CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée. 

The article from mentions:

Confronted by such tremendous changes, and reflecting what they did at the time of the digital transformation, consulting firms will mutate.  Information technology was a first upheaval in our job.  Used to sketching their findings on paper, consultants adapted with pleasure to IT, which allowed them to design slides themselves.  This marked a colossal change for us, reshaping the way we hierarchized information and presented our assessments.  Then the Internet turned things upside down a second time, giving clients easy access to a significant mass of information.  We thus had to concentrate on providing them with the best strategic recommendations stemming from this information rather than supplying them with the relevant data.  In tomorrow’s world, all consultants will be equipped with their own personal AI, which will be able to collect and analyze data in order to autonomously propose adequate recommendations.  This is what I call the “augmented consultant”.

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By Brian Moccio
Brian Moccio Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development Center, Pulsifer Career Development Center Brian Moccio