Do you think you are professionally savvy? Read this to find out.

Have you ever taken a class about professionalism?  I never did.  How do you learn about professionalism?  Can you even define what it is and how to appropriately demonstrate being professional both in person and online?  I remember I was in my 2nd or 3rd job, around the age of 17 or 18, when a former boss pulled me aside after I had a “moment” with a customer.  Yes, I clearly made my point with the customer and proceeded to explain to my boss why I was undoubtedly the victim in this case.  My boss calmly put up his finger, told me to stop and explained how my actions, regardless of who was correct, hurt the business, my credibility and potentially my employment.  I consider that moment to be my first hands on class about being a professional.  Not everyone is as lucky as me to have that experience, (and a patient boss).  And in today’s world, being professional is not  just about those in person interactions, but online, with colleagues, in email, and over the phone.  More importantly today’s workforce represents 5 generations of people (Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials and now Gen Z) and with that comes different definitions about how to be professional in the workplace.  So if you’re still wondering how to understand this topic and what it means to excel at being professional click on the link below.


By Paul Stanish
Paul Stanish Associate Director, Pulsifer Career Development Center Paul Stanish