Crazy Interview Questions: How to Respond

Have you had a crazy interview question asked during an interview? It’s happened to all of us and will undoubtedly happen again in the future. Follow these brief tips on how to respond and react to a question that you aren’t prepared for to make it a great answer.

  1. Stay composed – don’t let them see you get nervous or shy away from the question being asked. It’s important to remain composed and answer the question being asked without getting too stressed in your reaction.
  2. Ask for the question to be repeated – sometimes they can be confusing. What does the interviewer REALLY want to know? Asking them to repeat the question will usually have them provide more information or context you can loop into your answer.
  3. Spin it into a positive – find a connection to a past work experience or class project and spin the question from something that might seem crazy at first to something that is relevant and provides more background on your personal experiences.
  4. Take a pause – not sure how to respond right away? THATS OKAY. Ask for a minute to think about it. It shows that you are being thoughtful and intentional with your answer.

Best of luck interviewing!

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator