Marketing Interview Questions You Need To Know

Tis’ the interview season for most marketing agencies and firms! Interviews can be quite intimidating at first especially if you are not sure what to expect. However, once you can get a grasp of common interview questions and tailor them to your experiences then you will be set to stand out in any interview with any company. We are all familiar with the common behavioral interview questions like “Tell me about yourself.”, “Tell me about a time that you failed.”, “What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?”. Sometimes the interviews, especially second or third rounds, encompass more than just behavioral questions. They often ask about specific marketing techniques or information to understand your insight and exposure to this field of study. So what are these common marketing interview questions? Well here is a list to get you started thinking about these types of questions!

  1. What do you know about our target market?
  2. What do you know about our marketing techniques?
  3. Describe a project you had to complete in one of your marketing courses. What did you learn from it?
  4. What kind of marketing strategies would you suggest for our company?
  5. What do you believe are the keys to success in marketing?
  6. What made you want to pursue a career in marketing?
  7. How would your marketing experience in your last internship leverage your success in this one?
  8. How did you market for your club or organization? What succeeded? What failed?

Having a holistic grasp on the company’s marketing techniques, strategies, tactics, are all extremely important to know before going into an interview. You should also always be comfortable with talking about your marketing experience from your clubs, to internships, to classroom exposure, to even group projects. Having a solid understanding of how to approach and answer these questions will surely set you to have a successful interview!

By Yasmeen Alwani
Yasmeen Alwani CareerEdge Content Creator Yasmeen Alwani