So you got an offer… now what? #CareerToolThursday

So your phone rings, and you receive the big news you’ve been waiting for: you’ve received the job or internship offer!

First off, congratulations! You should be incredibly proud of yourself, be sure to celebrate before delving into how to handle the offer. Receiving an offer is incredibly exciting, but I’m sure it prompts a TON of questions such as:

  • How should I evaluate an offer? What are the specific considerations that should be taken into account?
  • Should I negotiate? If so, how do I navigate that?
  • How do I accept an offer? What do I say and where should I say it?
  • How do I decline an offer? How do I properly phrase my rejection?
  • How do I ask for an extension if you’re balancing several opportunities and the timing doesn’t line up?

Since offers have obvious impacts on your career path, they require careful consideration. Luckily we are here to provide you with all the support you need to navigate offers both thoughtfully and professionally. We want to help you make the most informed decision as possible in order to support your journey to landing your dream job!

So what are the answers to these questions you ask? Well, our All About Offers guide* discusses the answers to the common questions listed above, as well as some additional considerations to pay attention to! There’s even a whole list of questions to ask yourself when thinking about the offer to help you figure out a course of action.

This guide includes advice for:

  • How to handle the initial conversation about the offer.
  • How to evaluate the offer and what aspects should be taken into consideration.
  • How to negotiate when necessary.
  • How to properly accept or decline an offer.
  • How to ask for an extension.
  • How to re-engage an offer.
  • And more!

While this offers guide is incredibly comprehensive, we recognize that every situation is different and there may be aspects of your situation that were not addressed. Thus, we strongly encourage you to seek the additional advice of a Career Advisor regarding any of the topics discussed above. Be sure to stop by for drop-ins’ or schedule an appointment for further assistance.

*If you receive an “Unauthorized User” error message in accessing the document, log into BentleyLink and then try again.

By Caroline Gervais
Caroline Gervais Student Director, CareerEdge & Event Planning Team