Time to play in the sandbox – the CIS Sandbox that is!

Please join the15171093_1653034268055592_3658451026580027371_n annual Open House in the CIS Sandbox today, December 6, from 2 to 4 pm. CIS Sandbox tutors and CIS Majors and Minors will be giving demos of their work with cutting-edge technologies, and we’ll also show some of the winners of this year’s Games contest in IT 101.

Demos include:

Augmented and Virtual Reality
Personal Assistants
Neural Networks for Handwriting Analysis – Jake OConnell
Web Development and the new CIS Sandbox website – Mark Xie
Data Mining – Santiago Torres and Sebastian Bury
Beacon Technologies – Jon Kleppinger
Internet of Things IT 101 Demo – Videk Dak
IT 101 Game Winners

By Janet Ehl
Janet Ehl Executive Director, Pulsifer Career Development Center Janet Ehl