IT Trends in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

eea-picLast week(11/29), Katrina Gomes came to the CIS Sandbox to share with Bentley students what it means to be Director of IT Operations and Technology in the Commonwealth of MA as well as how they can pursue and internship with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs(EEA). Katrina explained how the EEA has been working tirelessly to upgrade their technology systems and get up to speed in terms of modern technology. Aprel McCabe, Director of Workforce Development accompanied Katrina to speak about the internship positions that students can apply for not only in the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs but in other sectors as well. For students interested in learning more about how they can either work full-time/intern with either the EEA or another department in the Commonwealth of MA contact Mark Frydenberg ( to get in contact with Aprel or Katrina.

By Rachid Macer
Rachid Macer Student Director, CareerEdge and Think Tank Colleague Team Rachid Macer