Current senior Alexander Bailey writes about his Internship Experience with Epsilon!


My Internship Experience with Epsilon

I applied for the Revenue Analyst Intern position at Epsilon back in March, 2015. The next day after submitting my application, I was contacted by Stephanie Perkins and we set up a phone interview. Shortly after that, I was chosen for an in-person interview and had the opportunity to visit the office. Almost immediately after my interview, I was offered the job and accepted it right away. The entire application process was straight-forward and enjoyable. Stephanie Perkins and the rest of the campus recruiting team do an excellent job of finding the best talent for the entry-level roles at Epsilon.

On my first day of the internship, I met the fourteen other interns and we accomplished a few team building exercises. In addition, I connected with my manager, Diane Russo, and met the rest of the revenue team. Throughout the summer, all of us interns grew close with each other. We would constantly eat lunch with one another, spend time with each other outside of work, and even hang out on the weekends. This was the largest intern class that Epsilon had ever employed and it was definitely a success. Over the course of the internship, us interns worked with Epsilon Community Outreach and organized a large charity event. We hosted a mini-golf tournament in the building and raised hundreds of dollars. The experience from working on a team with other interns was excellent and will be beneficial in the future.

In terms of the actual work we had to do, we interns played a vital role on the teams we were all on. Personally, I got to do real work and was utilized as a full-time revenue analyst. The exposure to “real life” corporate operations was incredibly valuable and I felt much better about the work I was doing compared to past internships where I was just a glorified errand boy. Over the summer, I worked on a mixture of long-term projects like a billing procedures database and normal day-to-day responsibilities like invoice creation. My manager would check with me to make sure that I always understood what I was doing and was intrigued by the work I was assigned. The many skills I learned from working here are transferable and valuable to any other job and position in the corporate world.

All in all, I had a fantastic six months at Epsilon and would gladly return someday in the future. I grew not only as a professional but also as an individual. I had the opportunity to take on responsibilities and duties that affect the bottom line of this Fortune 500 Corporation and will value these opportunities for the rest of my life. Epsilon was an excellent stepping-stone in a lifetime financial career path and I would encourage anyone with an interest in corporate finance to pursue an internship at Epsilon. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Alexander Bailey, Intern

By Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown University Relations Coordinator