A View from the Top: Ahhh! The winter break!


It is crunch time for sure. Faculty and students alike are focused on covering important material, completing everything that has been committed to and finishing out the semester. Many of you will be balancing jobs, internships and volunteer efforts at the same time. As one of my junior level student’s put it “smart students know that the Thanksgiving break is not really a break. It’s just a chance to see family while you complete project work.”

As you finish up the term, please take a few minutes to complete the two steps below:

  1. Take a few minutes to write thank you notes to everyone that you worked with in any substantial way. Mention what you learned from working with them and close by telling them how much you enjoyed your internship, work experience or volunteer opportunity. This is especially important if your responsibilities end at the completion of the term.
  2. Identify at least one person that you would like to speak with during break, or after you return. This might be the chair of the department, the coordinator of the concentration you have selected, a co-worker that you would like to speak with or Career Services. Jot down their name in your planner for January so you don’t forget.

Have a wonderful break! I’ll be back in January of 2015.   You are encouraged to send questions directly to me at e.walker@bentley.edu or to visit me at 310 Adamian. Or simply bookmark this blog which will occur on a regular basis.

By Elaine Walker
Elaine Walker Lecturer